Fly Tying For Bass

Here are a few links to fly tying videos for Bass:


Double Barrel Bass Bug:

Crystal Popper:

Zudbubbler Frog:

Howitzer Bustin’ Baitfish:


Swingin’ D:

Swingin’ D 2.0:

Dahlberg Diver:


The Equalizer:

Enrico Puglisi Bluegill/Sunfish:


Pat Cohen’s Sweet Baby Cray:

Pat Cohen’s Jiggy Craw:

Pat Cohen’s Slup N’ Burp:

Pat Cohen’s Devil Drifter:

Hollow Tie Craft Fur Baitfish:

Wool Head Sculpin (use black wool):

Clouser Minnow:

Blane Chocklett Game Changer:

CK Baitfish:


El Crawcito:




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