Project Healing Waters Fly Tying Night February 6,2018


For the February 6th fly tying session, we’ll continue tying flies typical of the winter season, the ones we had scheduled for the Jan 2nd session that was cancelled.  This session will be the last of the winter flies.   All tyers keep all flies they tie, so continue to fill your winter fly box.  At the March 6th session we’ll begin the spring flies.

Table 1: Girdle Bug/Pat’s Rubber leg:  Great for those who have tied a time or two.  Instructor Gordon Martin.
Table 2:  BH Prince Nymph:  Great for who have some tying experience.  Instructor Kyle Chanitz.
Table 3:  February Red:  Great for the novice.  Instructor Branden Wells.
Bob Reynolds has agreed to shepherd the equipment and materials to the DAV.  He will provide a bag of all the materials necessary for each table containing the hooks, lead, thread and materials for 6 tiers, one instructor plus 5.  Everything needed.  Instructors need not bring anything unless they wish to bring their vises and tools.  Or, if they prefer, use PHWFF vises and tools.  Instructors:  Please let me know craws…  if something arises that you cannot attend so that we can find another instructor.
We’ll try to do twisted leaders in the March session.  Stay tuned.

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