Fish and Clean

“Man is a social being. Our whole structure evidences the absolute interdependence of man.”

One of my main goals before becoming the chapter’s President was to make our chapter more of a social chapter; a family that cares about one another, knows one another, and does things with one another on a regular basis. I felt that doing this it would encourage others to join our cause and want to participate more with our chapter of Trout Unlimited.

With this being said, and with the approval of those in attendance at our last meeting in January 2018, our chapter has decided that we will be conducting social fishing trips each month. Our chapter will go out to one of our local stocked streams and fish for the day as a group. However keeping with Trout Unlimited’s Mission Statement, as we fish these local stocked streams we will also be carrying trash bags, cleaning up these streams as we fish.

Starting in February; every third Saturday of each month will be dedicated to these events for those that wish to participate. As a group, we will choose a stocked stream and go out and have a blast together. So how will we be choosing which stream to fish/clean and the time the meet up? Well the night before our event, we can have a group chat (via email or phone) to figure those details out. From there it will all be about having fun the next day. Also we will not be limiting this to just members of our chapter, if anyone wants to join please feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or by using our contact page on this website. After a stream and time has been decided upon, we will be posting it to Facebook and Instagram.

If everyone in the chapter enjoys this event we can carry on these events during the summer months that we do not hold any official meetings (we could always kayak fish/clean the New, the James, or the lower sections of the Roanoke River, or go fish/clean North or Little Stoney Creek), but this will be decided on once summer does come. If we decide to not do these events during the summer months we will pick the event back up in October.

After each event, every member in attendance will be encouraged to go to a local brewery to conclude our soirée for the day.

~Written by Patrick Frazier (President of the Roanoke Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited)




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