2018 Spring Cleanup of Green Hill Park

Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 9:00 am

Our team will do the cleanup of our Chapter’s adopted section of the Roanoke River. The cleanup is a relaxed and casual affair. We will meet at the first picnic shelter’s parking lot, where cleanup supplies, bags, gloves, and etc. will be located. Coffee and home-baked goodies will be provided. This should only last about an hour a half, ending at 10:30 am. Rubber boot or old sneakers are recommended. Waders are optional, but usually not needed.

*** Caution*** Do not attempt to remove any buried items that can not easily be moved. Be careful; metal debris may have sharp edges.


The weather cooperated with no rain and temperature in the upper forties.

We started out as usual with some socializing at the picnic shelter with coffee and doughnuts by John Loope and coffee and home made mini muffins by Anke prior to heading out along the river.

We found mostly ‘old’ stuff along the river bank; smaller pieces of various metals, tin cans, screens, wire mesh fence, inner tube, bike rim, pieces of plastic, silt fence material, either brought in or exposed by recent flooding. . A couple of tires were buried too deep and a mud filled metal drum was too heavy for removal.

Not much of ‘new’ trash, which may be picked up along the greenway regularly by others.



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