October 2018 President Message


This is one of our major outreach events of the year, and a lot of fun to boot.  Check out #2 in the top ten things to do at GoFest:  https://www.roanokeoutside.com/go-to-go-fest-like-a-pro/

Our ladies are hosting three fly casting sessions, as well as wo-manning the fly tying benches.  Check out their promo here:  https://www.roanokegofest.com/events/fish/trout-unlimited-casting-demo/

We still need plenty of hands at the booth and help with fly tying.  Check the Doodle Poll below to select a time spot or three.  Let’s go y’all!  https://doodle.com/poll/t6iu4e26fedwaaic

Thanks for all you do for Trout Unlimited.

Warm Regards,

Dave Holladay

Past/Interim/Sort Of/President

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