Knots So Fast…

Knots So Fast…

Here are three unusual, yet quick knots that are ideal for attaching the fly to the tippet.   The written tying instructions are posted below in the comments section.

One you may be familiar with is the Davy knot that has a low profile excellent for tying on smaller flies.


The second knot is a modified figure eight knot submitted by Hans Loberg.  A neat variation that is worth a try.


This last knot is a figure eight knot tied with an overhand stopper knot.  The break point of this knot is 85% of the tippet strength.  I do not know the origin of this knot but I learned it in 1957 from a gentleman by the name of Alf Jones, whose principal claim to fame was that while pitching for the Philadelphia Athletics, he struck out Babe Ruth three times in the same game.  Here’s the knot, once again thanks to Hans for the art work.

Stopper Eight Knot

Here are some other links to useful knots:

Perfection Loop:

Non Slip Loop Knot:

Blood Knot

Davy Knot:




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