Fish with a TU Member

“Really, the only thing a psychiatrist can do that a good (fishing) guide can’t is write prescriptions.”

John Gierach

In an interest to share our passion of fishing, the Roanoke Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be trying out a new program. Our members will be posting on Facebook where and when they will be fishing locally here in the Roanoke Valley, they will be inviting those that wish to learn how to fly fish to come out and join them as well.  As of right now, because of safety concerns, we are limiting our fishing sites to those only local in Roanoke. Certain members might post going to other streams outside of the Roanoke Valley and invite people to come with them, however this will be up to their discretion. The time period for these posts could be several days away from the date of the fishing trip up to the day before the date of the fishing trip that they are going to fish, it will be up to the member that is planning the trip. You must be a Virginia licensed fisherman though to go with us.

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