Fly Tying for Musky and Pike

Here are a few videos for tying Musky and Pike flies:


Blane Chocklett’s T-Bone Fly:

Snake Charmer:


Andreas Andersson’s Delivery Man:

The Mitt:

Macho Panfish:

Optimus Swine:

Blane Chocklett’s Feather Game Changer:

Matt Grajewski’s Nut Butter:

Flashtail Whistler:

Red and White Pike Fly:

Big Booty Deceiver:

The Kraken:

The Rattle Snake:

Blane Chocklett’s Head Pike Tube Fly:

Yellow Monster Bugger:

Brad Boshen’s Bohen 747:

Big Cheesa:

The Pants Changer:

The Sully Tutorial:



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