Smith River TU #264 Calendar

March 24,   Spring, River Clean Up: Section of river TBA  – Meet at Bassett / Trent Hill Canoe Ramp at 8:30 am. Pizza and fishing after clean up.  Eric Tichay  will take lead.

Participants will meet 8:30 am and return by 12:00 noon at the Bassett Canoe Access (Trent Hill Canoe Ramp), 271 Trent Hill Drive, off Route 57 in north Bassett. We will have water, issue empty refuse bags and buy participants a pizza lunch once they return a full bag.


This is a rain or shine event open to the public. Participants should dress according to the weather, wear long pants, sturdy walking shoes and bring gloves. Waders are optional. Clean up will take place in Fieldale on the 1.1-mile section of the river and Appalachian Drive (Route 57) from the Route 701, Fieldale Avenue bridge to before 2899 Appalachian Drive, the auto repair center. Trash will be consolidated at the Bassett Canoe Access. For more information contact Eric Tichay at, cell phone 276-252-4847.


May 4-6,   Group fishing/camping trip to Mt Rogers / Grayson Highlands area. Camp at Beartree Campground – SRTU pays campsite fees. Meals prepared onsite with cost prorated among attendees. This trip has morphed into an annual event – good times and good fishing.  Doug Jessie has the lead. Contact Doug  if you need more information or plan to attend.


May 19,     Blue Ridge Heritage Veterans Trout Fishing Event:   We assisted with this for the past three years and it is a very good program.  We help with untangling lines, fish handling and general duties.  Event takes place between Woolwine & Meadows of Dan just off the south side of the BRP.

Al Kittredge will take lead.


June 7,   Regular meeting: Topic TBA.   Eric Tichay will coordinate for speaker and take the lead.


June 15-17:   Group Fishing Trip to South Holston:  Base out of a rental house on the South Holston. Expenses for rent and food prorated among participants.  We need a minimum of 6 or more to make this affordable.    if you need more information or would like to go. We are now full up. Taking standbys!


August 11,   Smith River Fest:  Fly tie and casting demo, talk up TU. Roy Ford   has the lead – he needs a lot of help so place this on your calendar.


September 6,   Regular Meeting:  Brook Trout or Carp fishing. Neil Tatum  will take the lead.


September 15,   Fall River Clean Up:  Section of river TBA  –  Meet at Bassett / Trent Hill Canoe Ramp at 8:30 am. Pizza and fishing after clean up.  Al Kittredge  will take lead.


October 13,   Fish With a Friend & Cookout:   Meet at Bassett / Trent Hill Canoe Ramp.  Joe May  will take lead.


December 6,   Regular Meeting:  “Health of The Smith River” report
from VDGIF. Al Kittredge  will coordinate.

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